Hair Services

Hair Services

  • Prices quoted after consultation
  • Prices may very based on hair length and texture
  • Consultations are required for all color/texture services (or services marked *)
  • All of our prices are starting points


Haircut and Style
Short Hair (above shoulders) 55
Medium Hair (touching shoulders) 60
Long Hair (below shoulders) 65
Blow Dry and Style
Short Blow Dry and Style 35
Medium Blow Dry and Style 40
Long Blow Dry and Style 45
Updo or Special Occasion
please wear a loose fitting or button up shirt & have your hair washed and blow-dried
Bang Trim 10
Simple Braid 30
Girls haircut (0-11 years old) 27


Haircut and Style 40
High School 34
Mid School 30
Boys Haircut (0-11 years old) 27
Grey Blending 30
Beard/Mustache Trim 14

Texture Service

Keratin Treatment
smooths/de-frizzes textures from curly to relaxed, complimentary shampoo/conditioner
Keratin Complex Blowout 
helps smooth, soften, and relax the hair
Spiral Perm
wrapping style to create long circular curls to look layered on the head
Perm 90
Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out
customizable, zero-downtime, smooth or straighten the hair or define your curl

Chemical Relaxer

First time  Quoted at Consultation
Touch up 87
Blow dry and style 55
Trim with relaxer 30

Color Services (Consultation complimentary)

Color Touch Up 62
Partial Foil Touch Up 97
Bleach Touch Up 122
Color Touch Up with Balance 92
Glazing 50
freehand technique, no foils
natural hue at the roots with gradual lightening at ends
Colorance 56
Eyebrow Tint 20
Full Color or Full Foils *
Corrective Color *

Hair and Scalp Treatments

Malibu Make Over w/ Miracle Repair     
100% vegan natural wellness treatment to restore hair & immediately repairs rebuilds & protects
Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Massage
a scalp massage treatment using delicate blend of 3 essential oils
Moroccanoil Treatment    35
Aveda Scalp Treatment                          
unique blend of botanical & essential oils to condition, restore & improve scalp & hair health
Chlorine Treatment
aka "swimmers treatment" improves look of hair & restores softness/shine
Dandruff/Eczema Treatment 25
Reconstructing or Moisturizing                              
using Olaplex or Vital Shots to reconstruct, rebond, and rebuild 


Price is quoted following consultation

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